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Leo Belgicus
The Dutch Bibliophile Society, founded in 1991 under the official name of Nederlands Genootschap van Bibliofielen, NGB, is an association of book lovers. The Society has set itself the task of promoting book-related expertise and fostering a greater appreciation of books as precious objects in the Netherlands. Its range of action may be extended beyond the book world of the Netherlands so as to include Flanders (Belgium).

Members take a lively and keen interest in fine, rare and exceptional books. Individual preferences may range from medieval manuscripts and early printed books to modern bibliophile editions. Some members are devoted book lovers in their private fields of collecting, while others have a predominantly professional interest, or purely indulge in collecting fine and rare books which appeal to them.

As an association of book lovers pursuing high standards of quality, the Dutch Bibliophile Society is trying to achieve its aim by strengthening the bonds between bibliophiles and by organizing events related to book collecting and bibliophily. From its very beginning in 1991 the Society has therefore led the way in numerous activities by organizing meetings, visits, tours and exhibitions, and by bringing out its Yearbooks and other publications.

During meetings, tours and visits the Society’s members are generously invited to scrutinize books and to examine collections, thereby focusing on form and content in relation to the books’ cultural and historical background.
From 1993 onwards the Society has published meticulously edited and beautifully illustrated Yearbooks. Articles are written by the Society’s members and other authors, who cover a wide range of bibliophile subjects.
The Yearbooks also contain detailed reports on all the Society’s activities.

For further information, please contact the Secretary.